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I am Ridhima Sharma from Boulevard Arts and today I am going to make this beautiful Irish Dreams Mix Media Canvas with amazing products from CarftJunction. I used a large wooden frame canvas measuring 24×18 inches. I used teal and rose color as my basic theme and worked according to that.

To start with, I choose 2 colored printed 12” sheets and pasted it on the canvas. Then I used CraftJunction’s clear gesso to cover the whole surface so that the color and brightness of the base stay put. I added some texture using a stencil of my choice and texture paste. I randomly added texture all over the base of the canvas, keeping in mind the final composition that I want. Then I used CraftJunction’s Chalk paints in Irish eyes, marvelous mauve and rose bush to add depth to the base.

For more interesting element, I added a few more printed sheets with the same color theme but made sure to distress their edges. For embellishments, I used plaster of Paris (POP) embellishments first covering them with heavy white gesso and then coloring them with swan white, in Irish eyes, marvelous mauve and rose bush chalk paints in pastel theme.

For more beauty, I used textured Inca gold sandstones with Irish eyes chalk paint, mixed them and applied it over a leaf die-cut which gives it a beautifully textured look. I also added handmade paper flowers, MDF window, hand-cut flowers and leaves, leather motifs, tassels, cabochons, cotton lace, textured stones, natural grass, wooden chips, mini glass bottle, and other interesting elements. I used CraftJunction’s new mini stencil as well.

The whole project looks amazing because it’s base is made with quality products from CraftJunction.

List of Supplies Used in the project:

· Clear gesso

· Heavy white gesso

· Heavy black gesso

· Irish eyes chalk paint

· Rose bush chalk paint

· Marvelous mauve chalk paint

· Swan white chalk paint

· Sentiment tiles DM 45

· Chabocons CBH 76

· Enogreeting paper pack PP12 53

· Tassels white

· ‘lets make memories’ mini stencil

· Natural grass

· Wooden chips WCH 10

· LCS 9 cotton lace

· Leather embellishment cupid DM 71

· Silver shadow textured sand stones

· Bright white textured sand stones

· Inca gold textured sand stones

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Happy Crafting!

Here is the list of supplies you will need: –

(1) Craft junction Heavy white gesso, heavy black gesso and clear gesso-100 ml http://craftjunction.in/product.aspx?…

(2) Craft junction Chalk Paints (50ml ) http://craftjunction.in/product.aspx?… – Irish eyes chalk paint, Rosebush chalk paint, Marvelous mauve chalk paint, Swan white chalk paint

(3) Stencils “let’s make memories” http://craftjunction.in/product.aspx?…

(4) Decorative Embellishments like sentimental tiles, cabochons, natural grass, tassels http://craftjunction.in/product.aspx?…

(5) Textured Sand http://craftjunction.in/product.aspx?…

(6) Paper Packs http://craftjunction.in/product.aspx?…

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